We are BBQ fiends in Manchester who bring you the best in Deep South BBQ.

It all started when we decided to cook a pig in a self built backyard pit which sparked an obsession with all things smoked and rubbed.

Marinated meats slow-cooking above wood and charcoal in our barbecue pit. That’s what Fire and Salt BBQ Co. is all about. Everything we cook is inspired by traditional Southern barbecue and we aim to bring you the best smokey flavours. We add some of our own flair as well as our handmade rubs & sauces to make sure it tastes that little bit special. It’s Championship level barbecue, done right.

And when we say Championship level we mean it. Our pitmaster prepares the meat to the highest standards of competition Barbecue. Over in America Pro BBQ is big news, with many competitions held annually. Not many places over in the UK cook Barbecue to the level required to compete in championships, but we do. You’ll be able to taste this for yourself when you try our food.

If you see the Pitmaster about he’ll happily explain the difference between just slow smoking meat and what we do.

Check out our Home page now to see where and what we will be cooking next.

Ribs on the smoker for Rib Night
Ribs on the smoker for Rib Night

Get in touch with us at: pitmaster@fireandsaltbbq.co.uk


Of course when it comes to championship level BBQ the most important ingredient is the Meat. We source all our meat, the ribs, the pork shoulders, the beef brisket, all of it, from W H Frost Butchers based in Chorlton. They are top quality butchers who also supply meat to a lot of places on Beech road as well as some famous places in the Northern Quater, so you can be assured the meat you get from Fire & Salt Barbecue Co is the best there is.

You can even follow Lee, the Frosty Butcher on Twitter, we do.




Putting on a festival? We love them and are always looking for new ones where we can trade, please contact us and we’ll gladly send you details about our festival set up.



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  1. Richard

    mmmmmmm, love me some que.

    Talkin bout Deep South que, I am from the deep south, LA, and can not only do some queing, but love to eat me some que too. When can I come smell some of what you are cooking with and maybe get a bite of some some?