August 2013

The Beagle

We are feeding Chorlton via The Beagle a lot in August. We’re there every Tuesday for Rib Night, but we’re also cracking out other BBQ treats Friday 2nd and most Sundays, so come on down for some slow cooked smoke infused meat goodness.

Dig The City – Manchester: King St: 8th to 10th 

As part of Manchester’s urban gardening festival we’re going to be set up on King St serving BBQ treats to anyone who passes by. There’s lots of other market stalls set up as well selling all sorts of wonderful stuff, drop by for a hello and a pulled pork roll.

Port Street Beer House – 22nd

We’re serving up our fantastic BBQ food at Port Street Beer House in Manchester on Thursday night. Pop in to sample some of their excellent beers (they’ve got so many!) and we’ll feed you up good.

Summercamp Festival Liverpool: 24th / 25th

A festival of music, food, art, friends and family. We’ll be there feeding the hundreds of folks along with all our friends at Guerilla Eats. Check out the event below at their website:

Guerrilla Eats – 30th

The guerrilla is back – we’re putting on another event in manchester! It’s going to be a full powered street food party, with music, drinks and of course an amazing line up of street food. Stay tuned to twitter for all the details.

Dig the city - Manchester King St - August 2013
Dig the city – Manchester King St – August 2013

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