What’s on in March?

28th March – Fire & Salt BBQ Co. at the Gaslamp

To kick off a month long residency in the Gaslamp kitchen, we’ll be hosting a special Texas barbecue night. Expect, salt and pepper brisket, hot smoked link-sausages and some hot cornbread to go with the top beer pairings put on by the Gaslamp. It’s going to be special.  Find us at 50 Bridge St  Manchester, M3 3BW from 6pm on 28th March.

Here’s our menu:

Salt and Pepper Brisket - 16-hour hickory smoked brisket, marinaded and then rubbed with a simple salt and pepper rub

Smoked hot-link sausages – A pork and beef blend, smoked over low heat then seared on the grill and served with a light barbecue sauce

Black treacle beans – rich and smokey, these  beans are slow cooked for four hours in a black treacle sauce with a cayenne pepper spice mix

Texan-potato salad – made with boiled potatoes, onions, paprika, cayenne pepper and a small dash of barbecue sauce

Sesame coleslaw – White cabbage coleslaw in a vinegar sauce with toasted sesame seeds for added flavour

“This is a true Texan-sized portion of Barbecue.”

Smoked brisket served hot
Smoked brisket served hot

The full menu will be £15 or £25 with matched beers provided by The Gaslamp


30th March – Guerrilla Eats

The monthly street food night-market is back in town and we’re back with it. We’ll be upping our game for this one and bringing out our new barbecue sauce for you to take home with you.



23rd March – Levenshulme Market

We’re proud to be serving up at the first of the new Levenshulme Market. We’ll be bringing our classic Beef brisket along with a special breakfast dish for anyone who get down to see us before midday. Keep an eye on our Twitter to find out what our breakfast dish is going to be.

Barbecue pork fresh off the pit
Barbecue pork fresh off the pit

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  1. Tammy

    If you live in the woods like me then you have the best chance to make natural smoke food!I have a smoker and a BBQ grill, but I still prefer to dig an old fashion hole and put an oven rack over it for my grill and smoke out my food. I am telling you this is the best way to smoke some food. I now use 2 tin buckets to smoke (one to put the wood in and one to cover
    it up with). So I put the oven rack over the tin bucket on the ground. Anyhow, the way I use to do it was dig the hole, put the over rack over the hole and cover it up with 1 tin bucket. You might could get a big tin bucket or cover at a dump or something. There are different things you can use. I bet I could make an awesome smoker out of an oil drum. But anyhow, everyone I
    know loves my smoked food, so I just wanted to share this with you.

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