The Boneyard


On October 27th and 28th we’re inviting you down to the Boneyard. Come and embark upon a bonesucking journey through ribs matched with some wicked pies. Fancy dress optional.

3 varieties of ribs will be smoked low and slow on our backyard pit served with BBQ sauce and 4 pies. Come to our backyard pit in a secret location in Manchester and eat, enjoy and explode (it is halloween after all) – reserve your spot now.

Suggested donation for the supper club is £15 in addition to your £10 deposit (£25 total). The location will be sent to you 24 hours before hand and we’ll be ready to seat and feed you when you arrive. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and there is no finishing time.

Menu (or something to this effect):


Liquid Apple Pie

To amuse your bouche


Dino Ribs
Melt off the (massive) bone beef ribs

Dusted Ribs
Spare ribs sprinkled with our secret meat dust and slow cooked to perfection

Sticky ribs
Baby backs sweet, sticky and messy. Kitchen roll provided.


Mac and Cheese Pie
Our special Mac and Cheese with a unique crust

Maque Choux Pie
Your RDA of veg amped up with cream


Deadly Pumpkin Pie
Because you gotta have pumpkins in the bone yard


Mystery Meat

Inspired by our deep south trip, watch this space…

Baby backs

Indy Man Beer Con

On Friday 5th October and Saturday 6th October, we’ll be setting out our stall at the Manchester Independent Beer Convention. To celebrate our first outing as a food stall, we’ll be putting out two  offerings:
Chopped Barbecue roll – A North Carolina classic. Using the only meat that North Carolinans recognise as ‘barbecue’ (that’s pork), we’ll be chopping it with a vinegar-chilli sauce and a spicy barbecue rub then piling it up with a home-made coleslaw on a large roll

Mac and Cheese – our signature Mac and Cheese – you’ll love the rich flavours and cheesy goodness

Come on down


We’ve teamed up with the burger maniacs at Almost Famous Manchester for a one night only pig feast.  We’ll be pulling an all nighter and cooking 2 whole pigs for you to feast on.   For more info head over here.



Our Famous spin on a classic bacon sarnie

   – bread, butter, bacon and red sauce – but SO MUCH MORE


Super juicy super satisfying mini Famous burger topped with JD maple candies bacon, BBQ shoestring onions, baconnaise and chipotle ketchup


Inspired by Cali border town street sellers – flash fried flour tortilla, slow roast pork, house made hot sauce and shit the bed good guacamole


Slow cooked babyback ribs in a sticky fuck yeah sauce made from Famous redneck sauce and The Rib Man HolyFuck sauce


A loaded board of slow cooked BBQ pork with fries slaw and enough sauce to drown Michael Phelps

Southern Summer Barbecue

Enjoy some hot summer August nights with hot southern style barbecue. Cooked straight from a traditional barbecue pit, we’re bringing you barbecue cooking at its best. For a sample menu for the evening, see below. Slow cooked and smoked meats with a healthy helping of hearty sides and our selection of barbecue sauces on hand to sweeten, spice and smoke up your food.

The location of the event will be sent to you 24 hours before hand and we’ll be ready to seat and feed you when you arrive. Keep checking back here as we will be adding more details as we finalise the menu and may be looking for you to give us some guidance on what we finally end up serving.

So book your ticket, bring your own moonshine and grab a plate of classic barbecue chow!

Fire and Salt Cookout

Fire & Salt Cookout

To celebrate the success of Project PIG and share some of the joys of slow-cooked barbecue. To do this we’re hosting a good old-fashioned cook out somewhere in South Manchester – a bit like a supper club but backyard pit BBQ style. On Saturday 16th June we will be cooking up some barbecue meats and fixings for all those lucky enough to book a place.

Below is a sample of the menu. Some items may change for the event depending on availability of ingredients:

We will be asking for a £25 contribution for the event. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and there is no finishing time. Doors open at 19:00.

To get you in the mood, here are a couple of shots from our other barbecues