Smoker 2014

Our trailer mounted smoker is now up and running!

Smoker 2As you can see we have her trailer mounted for easy mobility. The bottom right square chamber is the firebox, where we use charcoal fuel and various wood types to smoke the meat. From there the heat travels into the circular drum cook chamber and along a horizontal tuning plate to the far end, where it rises up into the remaining part of the chamber and is drawn along to the chimney. Inside we have space for three full length racking sections where the meat sits for hours being smoked. The other square section, above the firebox, is the warming cabinet, where cuts of cooked meat can be kept at temp until served.

Smoker 1

On this photo you can see the end of the cook chamber, and its large almost submarine looking door. The copper trimmed panels on the side allow visual access to the chamber and a place to thread in thermometers. The pipe at the bottom allows the meat juices and fat that accumulate in the cook chamber to be drained off.

Stall with Smoker Lowry May 2014¬†Finally here she is set up next to our stall, along with one of the morons we have working for us (it’s me!). Rest assured the man in this picture is not the owner or the brains of our operation – he’s mainly used for lifting and fetching.

If you’re wondering we can cook 16 briskets at once in the cook chamber :) or to put it another way, we can get a whole pig in there.